The Villa A bit of history

 Surrounded by an ancient park that stretches along the banks of the river Tergola and by a prosperous farm, Villa Selvatico is ideal for a relaxing holiday in touch with Nature and History. 

Where we are

Villa Selvatico is located a few kilometers from Padova and the Villas of the Brenta Riviera, in a central area of the Veneto Region. This is an excellent base for visiting all the tourist attractions of the Veneto.

The cities of Veneto, Venice, Vicenza, Verona and Treviso, are in fact all day trip, as well as the smaller but no less beautiful Bassano, Asolo, Castelfranco Veneto. The main seaside resorts in the region, Lake Garda and the most beautiful places in the Dolomites are also easily reached from here.

What we offer

Villa Selvatico offers accommodation with five apartments of various sizes and with the Ortensia suite. The accommodations, made in different wings of the Villa, guarantee our guests privacy and a welcoming atmosphere, whether it is a business trip or a holiday with family or friends.

The park-garden that surrounds the Villa is full of centuries-old plants and is bordered by the Tergola river. In addition to being a large and regenerating green lung, it allows you to relax in the shade of the large trees and stroll in the "brolo" (orchard) or on the river bank. The little ones have large green lawns at their disposal to play and run freely. A beautiful swimming pool with large solarium is also at your disposal from May to September.

For sports lovers, it is possible to directly access the nearby Ciclovia of Fiume Tergola, connected with many other cycle paths, to practice running, cycling or Nordic Walking, or for a simple walk along the river.

A bit of History

Villa Selvatico is a Venetian Villa built at the end of 1400, probably on the ruins of the medieval castle which belonged between 1100 and 1200 to the rich and powerful Speronella Dalesmanin and his unscrupulous son Jacopo da Sant'Andrea, quoted by Dante in the Divine Comedy the Inferno Canto XIII.

There is no certain information about who built the villa, but it seems likely that it was the noble Paduan family of the Frigimelica, who had large land holdings in this area. In the following centuries the villa became the property of the noble Selvatico family, in whose hands it remained until about 1920.

The villa is a typical patrician mansion where the nobles used to stay during the summer holiday, also to keep control of their agricultural estates. The main building is set on a double symmetry, with two identical facades simple and elegant, softened with arched doorways, topped by original masks. On the ground floor and on the first floor, there are two large living rooms across the house from North to South, flanked by smaller rooms. The estate also includes some buildings once used for agricultural purposes such as the "limonaia" or greenhouse, intended for the winter shelter of precious citrus plants, and the "barchessa", which housed the set of stables and barns at the service of the farm.

Thanks to the careful restorations carried out over the years by the da Porto family who have owned Villa Selvatico since 1951, many of these rooms have been recovered and used for agritourism hospitality. Today Villa Selvatico allows its guests to stay in six comfortable accommodations, immersed in a fascinating atmosphere and in contact with nature.

In the video below you will find an interesting insight into the history of Villa Selvatico.