Seaside & Beach

About an hour's drive from Villa Selvatico, you will find the most beautiful beach resorts in the Veneto, Sottomarina and Jesolo.

Sottomarina, known for its beautiful beach and the high concentration of iodine that you can breathe there, is sited near the ancient fishermen's town of Chioggia, known for its fish market, for the channels that cross the town and the old
palaces in Venetian style.

Jesolo is located east of Venice and it is a popular seaside resort well known for the beach as well as for its entertainment, shopping and the vitality that characterizes the summer.

For those who love the classic, we suggest a trip to the
Lido of Venice , where in addition to the beautiful wide beach with typical huts, you can enjoy the atmosphere that emanates from one of the oldest seaside resorts of the Adriatic Sea.