Venice is the city that everyone in the world would like to visit, the dream and the inspiration of poets and artists, Unesco World Heritage Site. With its magnificent architecture, stands as a miracle on the waters of the lagoon and clinging to small patches of dry land, rivers and canals between unfolds in a maze that makes us lose the sense of time and fill the mind with astonishment.


Founded on the lagoon islands around the fifth century by the Venetian people who wanted to escape the barbarian invasions, in the seventh century Venice began its true development as a city and its rise as a maritime republic, thanks to trade throughout the Mediterranean and in particular with the 'East", expanding its power on the seas but also in the hinterland of the Veneto and Friuli on which soon becomes dominant.


Daughter of Venice's economic power is the wealth of art, which here has a crib to last for centuries.

Here are working artists such as Tintoretto, G. B. Tiepolo, Titian, Veronese, Bellini, Giorgione, and many others. Their works enrich the architecturally stunning buildings that we see standing out along the Grand Canal and the several museums of the city.

Events in Venice

Among the major events that take place here, in art there is the Venice Biennale, the container of a set of multi-disciplinary exhibition of modern art that gives home to artists from all around the world, and the Venice International Film Festival, which takes place every year at the Venice Lido.


There are also many folk events, including the most famous is the Carnival of Venice, but also the Historical Regatta, and the Feast of the Redeemer with the wonderful colors of fireworks that illuminate the Basin of San Marco.


Color and Gastronomy in Venice

Venice is not just art and history, it is also a living city where you can find the color, traditions, gastronomy, which come from the past long history.


If you want to enjoy the Venice of the Venetians, let lose for his minor streets in search of the typical Venetian "bacaro" , small bars and taverns where you can enjoy the "cicheto", a snack that can go from the "sarde in Saor" (sardines wirh onions) to the fried cod, the boiled octopus with potatoes to other small delicacies that are accompanied by a classic "ombra" (shade) of red or white wine, or more modernly by a "spritz".


Do not miss a visit to the Rialto fish market, and why not, a trip with the gondola under the Bridge of Sighs. But above all, after a crossing of the Grand Canal on board the "Vaporetto", after a visit to the Basilica of San Marco, just walk along in Venice and let it enter into your heart with its always different views!